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Skyler has demonstrated a deep commitment to conservative principles and values through his roles leading the Utah County Republican Party, serving as both Chair and Vice Chair. His efforts were instrumental in flipping the 4th Congressional District and electing Congressman Burgess Owens, a notable achievement for the party during his tenure.

Additionally, his leadership extends to local government roles, where he has served as the Utah County Board of Adjustments Chair and currently serves on the Utah County Planning Commission. In his community involvement, he serves as Chair of the Lehi City Parks, Trails, and Trees Committee, showing his dedication to enhancing the quality of life and preserving open space within his city. Skyler's multifaceted contributions reflect his strong commitment to public service and conservative ideals.



Skyler has been a proud resident of Utah County for nearly his entire adulthood. His journey began when he moved to Provo to pursue his education at Utah Valley University. Since then, he and his wife Kylie have called Lehi home since 2016, where they are happily raising their two sons, Madden and McCade.

Skyler is deeply involved in our community. As a passionate advocate for helping families achieve the American Dream of homeownership, he works tirelessly to make this dream a reality for many. Additionally, Skyler serves as the online editor and covers local government for the Lehi Free Press, ensuring that our community stays informed and engaged.

Before his extensive involvement in public service, Skyler gained valuable experience in corporate retail, where he held positions of significant responsibility. In this capacity, he oversaw large budgets and managed large teams, honing his skills in financial management, leadership, and organizational efficiency.

In his free time, Skyler enjoys watching sports, traveling to new places, and spending time with his family.

A Note From Skyler

"My family and I love Utah County. From the beautiful Sunflower Fields in Santaquin to Football Saturdays at Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo (Go Cougs!), to the family fun Splash Pad Days at Cory Wride Park in Eagle Mountain, to the Poppy Fields in Alpine, to the Rodeo in Spanish Fork and walks along the Jordan River Trail in Lehi, there's something for everyone. Living in such a wonderful place fills me with gratitude, and I feel a stewardship toward serving our community and giving back. I'm proud of our "Utah County Bubble" where conservative values and policies work."

On The Issues

Transportation Infrastructure

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    Our County is the heart of Utah. With our properous position comes growth and it’s important that we protect current residents and their families while welcoming new community members through common sense development. We need a Commissioner willing to fight for transportation needs and funding for our area to ensure a high quality of life.

Cut Spending Balance The Budget

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    Everyday people and businesses need to continually reevaluate their budgets and spending but government doesn’t, that needs to change. Taxpayer funds must be spent prudently and for services under the proper scope of government. We need to ensure our services are funded and available to our residents while always looking for opportunities to create efficiencies and cut unnecessary spending.

Public Safety

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    As a father of two young boys, safety is of the utmost importance to our community and it’s future. A collaborative relationship with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and Utah County Attorney’s Office is paramount to the office of Commissioner. We must keep Utah County safe.

Defend Liberty

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    Nothing else matters if we aren’t a free people. Every action taken by the Commission must have the interest of liberty first. I will always vigorusly defend life, free speech, property rights, the right to bear arms and medical freedom. The Constitution is not negotiable.

Election Integrity

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    Utah County must be at the forefront of free, fair, and accurate elections. It’s imperative that voters and the general public have trust and support our elections through transparent and open processes and procedures.


Skyler brings diverse experience and a deep understanding of local issues and community dynamics from his professional career. His first taste of the real world started at the department store, Sears, where he began as an entry-level shoe salesman during high school. Skyler continued to work to fund his college education at UVU without going into debt, while steadily climbing the ranks within the company. 

His tenure at Sears had many successes, ultimately becoming the youngest General Manager among 800 stores nationwide. In this role, Skyler oversaw multi-million dollar budgets and managed large teams. 

Following his corporate career, Skyler made a transition into residential real estate, leveraging his business acumen and passion for community to assist many families in Utah County with their most significant asset – their homes. No, don’t worry, Skyler doesn’t develop high-density housing. As a licensed Real Estate professional, he has earned the Distinguished Service Award for five consecutive years of outstanding achievement in both sales production and community engagement.

Skyler is also a member of the Lehi Free Press leadership team. With hundreds of articles written, he has earned recognition from the Utah Press Association for his insightful reporting on local government, winning awards for Best Political News Story and Best Story on a Public Notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skyler Beltran's unwavering dedication to public service and deep understanding of local issues make him the ideal candidate for Utah County Commissioner. His proven track record of fostering community engagement and implementing effective corporate and organizational policies demonstrates his commitment to improving the lives of Utah County residents. Beltran's collaborative approach and innovative solutions ensure that he is not just a Commissioner, but a leader who brings people together for positive change.

County commissioners have the vital task of approving the annual budget and setting the tax levy to fund county operations. They must balance fiscal responsibility with meeting the needs of the community. Additionally, commissioners provide leadership by envisioning the county's future while preserving its unique culture and values.

Prudent spending of taxpayer funds is essential, focusing on services within the proper role of government. We must ensure essential services are funded and accessible while striving for efficiency and eliminating unnecessary expenses. Recognizing that government can't be everything for everybody. 
We need a Commissioner who fights for transportation needs and funding to enhance our quality of life. It's imperative to stop wasteful spending on lobbyists and prioritize securing fair allocations of funding from entities like MAG and UDOT for Utah County. Improvements need to benefit our residents and communities.
Building strong partnerships with the Utah County Sheriff's Office and the Utah County Attorney's Office is paramount for the Commissioner's office. Safety is our top priority, and collaborating closely with law enforcement and legal authorities is essential to ensure the security of Utah County residents. Additionally, we must prioritize disaster preparedness, including plans and resources to address wildfires, earthquakes, and flooding, to safeguard our community in times of crisis.

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